I’m Etelka Lehoczky, a freelance writer in Chicago.

I’ve written about business, books, the arts and all sorts of other topics. My bylines include NPR, Inc., the Los Angeles Times, Money, The New York Times and Self. Here you can learn more about me and check out samples of my work.

To get in touch, email me at el@etelkawrites.com.

About me

“The main obligation is to amuse yourself.” – S. J. Perelman

books-colorsquareThere are a couple of reasons I’m kicking off my bio with this quote by S. J. Perelman. For one, I just love the guy. He’s not that well known today, but from the ’30s to the ’70s he wrote humorous essays, short stories, plays, screenplays – you name it. He even wrote for the Marx Brothers! Without him, Monkey Business wouldn’t exist – or, at least, it wouldn’t be as great as it is.

The other reason is, simply, that Perelman is talking about being true to yourself. There are only so many ways to express that fundamental idea – so familiar and yet so necessary – and I really like this one. (more…)

Recently: Hot Dogs Against Conformity in Lisa Hanawalt’s ‘Taste Test’

hdtt-02If you’re a fan of the Hot Dog Princess, you’re going to love Hot Dog Taste Test. Lisa Hanawalt’s lushly illustrated, stream-of-consciousness diary reveals a soul cut from the same vibrant cloth as that of the 6-year-old who wore a hot dog costume to a princess-themed dance recital. Both the 6-year-old and the grownup diarist understand that there’s only one option for a free spirit confronted by the forces of conformity: You’ve got to go completely orthogonal. (more…)

Recently: What if You Knew All Your Co-Workers’ Salaries?

moneyhands2There are many nontraditional policies at Namasté Solar, an 11-year-old designer and installer of solar energy systems that’s based in Boulder, Colorado. But it’s not Namasté’s commitments to sustainability and democratic decision making that evoke a reaction when co-founder Blake Jones confers with fellow CEOs. What gets them talking, he says, is salary transparency.